In "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, summarize the story chronologically. 

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In “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, a Chinese born mother decides that her daughter, June, must be a prodigy in something.  Several things are undertaken with resounding failure.  Finally, the mother decides that her daughter must be a piano genius. 

After several failures in other areas, the daughter becomes tired of trying.  At first, she was cooperative thinking that her parents would love her more and that she would be a great success.  Now, she wants no part of the prodigy game. 

Her mother agrees to clean a tenant’s apartment in their building if he would give the daughter piano lessons.  Begrudgingly the daughter goes to the lessons only to discover that the teacher is completely deaf.  Mr. Chong, the teacher, begins to show his pupil about chords and the vocabulary of music.  Thinking herself clever during her lesson, June would begin the scales and then fool around playing nothing.   For a year, the girl pretends to practice.  One day, the daughter over hears her mother talking about a talent contest.  All of the family and friends would attend to hear the piano prodigy play.

For some reason, June allows herself to believe that she will be able to play the song and be successful.  After completely botching the song and embarrassing her mother, the girl figures that will be the end of the piano lessons.

Her mother did not up.  The girl will continue her lessons.  Finally, both mother and daughter have the battle that the girl knew would come.  The daughter refused to obey her mother, and the mother quickly tells her how she feels.  The mother explains that there are only two kinds of...

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