How can I find all the pages where the words "bronze bow" have been used?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An assignment which asks you to list all the phrases referring to the bronze bow is designed to make you practice what is termed "close reading", i.e. looking at every single word in a work rather than just skimming. Importantly, you need to look for invocations of the concept rather than just the exact phrase, so that even if you could download a machine readable version of the text, a computer word search would not satisfy the assignment.

For this sort of reading, which works at the linguistic level, you need to read slowly, going word by word rather than taking in entire phrases. Defamiliarization is an especially accurate strategy -- reading backwards or right to left rather than normally. This is what professional copy editors, proofreaders, and indexers must learn to do for their jobs. You can also apply these tactics to your own writing to make sure your final drafts are error-free.


ivettemrodriguez | Student

look it up

forassignments | Student

Thanatassa, i have this novel study which is due this tuesday and i had the book taken off me so im not trying to be cheeky its just i have no time to look all through the book all over again.i am borrowing the book though from my local library and i have to find where it says in the book, so i can describe whether or not each time it is said it has a different meaning. so i am still doing most of the work, your hopefully just going to tell me where abouts the clues for the answers are. And again not to be cheeky. I just can't find any other way to explain it to you.