In Desire Under the Elms, can you justify that there is a spiritual triumph for Eben and Abbie at the end of the play?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the ending of this complex and challenging play clearly points to the way in which both Annie and Eben are finally, in some ways, at peace with their love for each other and their situation. Let us remember that it is only when Eben returns to the farm with the authorities to arrest Abbie that he suddenly realises how much he loves her and he also understands that her act of killing their child shows just how much she must love him.

The way in which they are presented at the end of the play, therefore, as both are facing probable hanging, but both are finally happy in their acknowledged love for one another, is something that could be considered a spiritual triumph for them, as both have been able to show their love for one another and to have that love acknowledged by the other for them.

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