Can you identify 3 issues stemming from the Industrial Revolution ?

jmstrande | Student

The industrial revolution was overall a positive technological movement that helped push forward human progress and bring on the modern era. However, there were three major issues which arose from this movement that had negative implications.

First, the rise in urbanization caused by factory demands for labor resulted in overcrowding in many cities. This in turn caused a sharp rise in the poverty level along with dismal drops in sanitation, health, and the overall quality of life. Overtime, cities passed ordinances to deal with these issues, but progress in this area was slow.

Second, conflicts between workers and owners over conditions increased. Labor hours, safety conditions, and wages were all debated by workers. This led to the rise of labor unions which used civil disobedience, strikes and sabotage in order to improve their lot.

Third, the pollution and environmental damage that resulted from industrial expansion became more acute. Coal burning plants produced huge amounts of air pollution, while the raw materials mined by factories for their products had environmental costs of their own. Laws eventually addressed these issue, but not until decades later.