Can you help me in writing a speech on "fair is foul foul is fair" from Macbeth. Please give me some guidelines. 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You do not say how long your speech is expected to take nor whether it is strictly about the quote from Macbeth and what it means in that context or if it is supposed to be in a more general context. I believe you want to relate it to the play, so I will guide you in that direction.

In writing a speech, you must be mindful of the purpose.The purpose is to reveal to your fellow students the importance of this particular quote in relation to the play as a whole and in its ability to prepare us for what follows. This quote sets the scene as it appears at the beginning.Your purpose is further to  show your own grasp of the quote and its importance in the play and also to encourage your audience to learn more.

Consider your audience. You need to be dynamic - especially if you are introducing 9th grade learners to Shakespeare! They like to hear about movie stars and so on so you must be able to get their attention by making them relate to what you're saying. Create a visual picture for them.

Engage withyour audience by looking up often, speaking with confidence and being sure you understand your material. You must be convincing and so you must believe what you write. Your body language will give you away so make sure you are confident.      

Practise (which will help your speech flow) and delivery are very important;otherwise, no matter how good your material is, you will be ineffectual.

NOW to apply all this to the quote at hand you need to do your research. The eNotes study guide and themes to which you can navigate will help you understand the context of your quote and further reading of these pages will assist you in understanding Macbeth so you can give a convincing speech.

Start by expressing the main theme of Macbeth. It is is all about the battle between good and evil - now that should appeal to your audience! Ensure that you create a visual picture straight away. Evil ambition needs plotting and scheming and Macbeth has his wife, Lady Macbeth to do plenty of that for him, as the play will reveal. (Make your audience want to know more!) 

The witches represent a supernatural aspect to the play and Macbeth is the human aspect. Fair is foul...are the first words of the it can only get more exciting. Tell your audience that!

The world of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth will help your audience understand the quote's importance.

  ..does not require much for Macbeth to embrace the weird sisters' vision of him as the ruler of all Scotland. Macbeth is ambitious, but it is Lady Macbeth who is the driving force behind their blood-stained rise to the throne...

The impact of the witches on Macbeth is paramount Even before his encounter with them, he finds himself

in an unnatural dramatic world on the "foul and fair" day of the battle. He defeats the enemy 

and will return home to glory and reward.

The witches speak in

riddles and contradictions ... that give false support to the ego and create the complacency of invincibility.

Nothing is ever as it seems and the fact that this quote comes from the beginning invites the listener (to your speech) to investigate further.

Your purpose is achieved because your audience know more about the quote, your teacher is impressed with your understanding and appreciation for much more than just the quote and ABOVE ALL, your fellow students are inspired to read  and learn more!






cutelily | Student

thankyou for your help and thankyou for wishing me luck!! :)