Can you help me write an essay on what you would learn from making a vacation brochure???Can you help me write an essay on what you would learn from making a vacation brochure???

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jseligmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, I'm sure I could write an essay on what things I would learn from making a vacation brochure. The question is: can you write the essay? Nothing is gained by the student here at enotes if the editor does all the work for the questioners. The best teachers don't do the work for the students; they give them assignments and supply the directions and guidance that will help them complete the assignment. That way the student will learn from doing, which is one of the best ways to learn anything.

So let's start: what kinds of things would you learn from making a vacation brochure? Well, what is a brochure? Go to google image search and write in vacation brochures. Look at all the nice brochures they have. And what have you already learned? You learned that vacation brochures are very colorful and feature lots of pictures and, to a lesser extent words. And you also learn, just by looking, that the brochures are usually folded and laid out vertically. So you've learned page layout.

Oh, and did you look up the word "vacation?" Did you know it comes from the Latin root vacare, which means "to be empty, free, or at leisure." And did you look up "brochure?" Did you know it comes from the French root  brocher "to stitch" (sheets together). Isn't that interesting? I never knew that before.

Wow! Look at all you've learned already and you haven't even gotten into the things given to you above by pohnpei, et. al., things like geography, marketing, graphic design, and other things like writing enticing advertising copy and good writing in general.

In other words, there all tons of things you can learn from making a vacation brochure, so pick the ones you like, organize your ideas and begin. Here, I'll start it for you:

There are all sorts of things that one can learn from making a vacation brochure.


Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Making a vacation brochure is a good exercise in both persuasive writing and the elements of advertising.  Assignments such as the vacation brochure force students to place themselves in the position of having to convince outsiders why travelling and visiting a specific location is advantageous.  In this process, students learn how to write persuasively and learn some of the fundamental precepts of advertising. The idea of being able to communicate desirable elements in a small location or with a fixed number of words is quite powerful.  At the same time, students are able to learn about natural and human created elements of a certain place that are distinctive.  Finally, I would submit that the assignment itself is quite valuable because it allows students to choose in what arena upon which they wish to focus their energies.  The result is a form of learning that enhances student autonomy, making them stronger in a particular aspect or multiple aspects of an area of study.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You definately have a lot of material to cover for your essay, because project-based learning is always a very effective way to give instruction.

By making your brochure you are first and foremost applying persuasive techniques and descriptive writing. This means that you will both address a specific audience with the purpose of convincing them to choose your vacation resport, and you will also use descriptive language to accentuate all the characteristics of the place, and the things you would encounter there.

Secondly, you are applying technology, art, and creativity to a project that is already packed with literary techniques. Additionally, the vacation resort can help us learn aboout the history, customs, culture, language, and location of the place.

Third, all brochures require organized thinking, which is a problem solving skill that can be used throughout the curriculum. This is a healthy way to retain and analyze information as well.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What you would learn from making a vacation brochure could vary based on what your teacher wants you to put in the brochure.  But some things you could learn about would include:

  • Geography.  You would have to learn about the area that you are writing the brochure about.  This would be necessary so that you could point out the things that tourists would most like to do.
  • Marketing.  The purpose of the brochure is to get people to want to travel to the destination.  Making a brochure could teach you about techniques for making a place (or a product in general) sound appealing.
  • Graphic design.  Making the brochure could help you learn how to design effective and attractive layouts.
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a kind of odd assignment.  It seems like you are writing an essay about teaching or learning.  You can learn a lot about a place and then make a brochure, but you don't learn by making the brochure.  You are really just demonstrating what you learned.

mkcapen1 | Student

You could write an essay with the topic "What I Learned from making a Vacation Brochure."  You could begin by listing some of the areas that you researched in order to prepare the brochure.  One of the things you would have learned would be the way to use a computer to set-up a layout of the brochure.  You also may have had to learn about copyright laws so you could ensure that you do not take pictures or words that were copyrighted.  You could learn about plagiarism and its negative effect.  Other areas you may have had to learn was about were the attractions in the area, the geographical location, surrounding communities, and the cost of living. Area hotels and lodging are also subjects that your flyer might have included.  Perhaps to develop the flyer you studied graphic design and researched various programs to use to create the flyer.  You also may have had to learn how to use a search engine to locate necessary information.  There are a great many areas to cover in an essay on the topic of creating a flyer.