Can you help me understand Lee's intent in regard to the Ewells in To Kill a Mockingbird? Does the author in to kill a mockingbird show that the Ewell family is divided from the other folks in Maycomb because of their economic class?

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The Ewell family is not divided from the rest of the Maycomb community solely because of their economic class.  Bob Ewell creates a seemingly insurmountable barrier between himself and the rest of Maycomb society based on his lack of effort and desire to provide adequate living conditions for his family, as well as his arrogant, obnoxious attitude.  If Bob Ewell presented himself in a humble and friendly manner and did his best to keep his children well-groomed and well-directed, the Maycomb community would probably not look on them as distasteful or outcasts.  The division between the Ewells and the rest of Maycomb is based mostly on attitude, not economics.

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