Can you help me rephrase this sentence please?These spirit ancestors continue to connect to natural phenomena, as well as past, present and future through every aspect of aboriginal culture.

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways in restructure all sentences. Here are a few options that might help. Based on the follow, feel free to create your own variation.

"Spirit ancestors are able connect to the past, present, future, and natural phenomena through their aboriginal culture." This is probably the easiet way to make the sentence.

Here is another option. "Through aboriginal culture, spirit ancestors are able to make a connection to nature, the past, present, and future."

Here is a more figurative way. "Spirit ancestors are able to connect to the natural world through their culture that spans space and time."

There are more options, as you can imagine.

mscrystal | Student

Throughout every aspect of the Aboriginal culture, spiritual ancestors are able to correlate naturally occurring phenomena that includes the past, present and future.