Can you help me find some reviews for works by Dambisa F. Moyo?

Dambisa Moyo's works have been widely reviewed, and often sharply criticized, in the press since the publication of her bestselling work on aid to Africa, Dead Aid, in 2009. Websites where open-access reviews can be found include those of the Guardian, the Independent, and the National Review. Many more are available behind paywalls.

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Dambisa Moyo's work on economics and public policy has been highly influential and controversial since her first bestseller, Dead Aid, appeared in 2009. Many reviews of Dead Aid in the liberal press were critical, since the book argues that Western aid to Africa has done little good throughout the continent, creating or sustaining a culture of stagnation. Fairly typical of these reviews is the one attached below, which appeared in The Guardian. A more balanced review, though still critical of Moyo's position, is Paul Collier's piece in the Independent (also attached below). Collier is himself a professor of economics who has written on the same subjects as Moyo and taught her when she was a student at Oxford.

Moyo's subsequent books have also proved controversial. In How the West Was Lost, she argues that the last fifty years of Western economic policies have been a disastrous failure, which are likely to cede control of the world economy to China. This also received many negative reviews, the most thorough of which was by the Economist. The online edition is behind a paywall, but you can find it in the January 20, 2011 issue if your library has a subscription. Moyo's latest book, Edge of Chaos (2018), which critiques the ability of democracy to cope with the challenges facing the world has been widely (and, again, quite critically) reviewed in such papers as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Again, you will need to use a subscription to access this material online. David M. Smick in the National Review (linked below) offers one of the more balanced reviews that is freely available.

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