Can you help me describe the ravine, Simons nature area, the bathing pool, the mountain, and the pig fire?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon's nature area is described as being not too far from the beach off the path and surrounded by trees with flowers and lots of creepers that dangle down to cut off the light and prevent easy entrance.  The soil was also soft.

The entire little area was ringed with "dark aromatic bushes" and there was not a whole lot of light coming in.  The ring itself was not growing plants because it had rock coming close to the surface.  There was a particular sound to it as well, busy and buzzing and it helped to create the atmosphere that Simon seemed to crave.

The bathing pool is a small pool at the end of the river that is dammed up by sand and is full of white water lilies and other plants.

eddierogers | Student

I can only help you out with one: Simon's Nature area. It was a small little alcove, and my teacher related it to a mother's womb.

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