Can you help me come up with a few things to compare and contrast fossil fuels, wind, solar and water energy?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For your essay there are many things you could compare and contrast about energy derived from fossil fuels and sources like the sun, wind and water.

  • A very important aspect would be the environmental impact of the use of all these sources. Also, even though some of these sources may not produce harmful pollutants they do have an impact on the environment.
  • The other could be availability. Some of these sources of energy are widely available throughout the year whereas others are available only in certain geographic locations and for certain duration during the year.
  • The cost of obtaining energy using these sources varies widely. This makes the use of only some of them financially feasible.
  • You could also analyze why the technology to harness many sources of energy is developing at a very slow pace and in spite of knowing what is in store for the future we are not making the required efforts.
doni2633 | Student

Think of a glass of water; you drink it and it's done (like fossil fuels).

Even though they're really useful and make up the highest percentage of energy use these days, they're vanishing, and there are going to be no more of them if the populotion uses them every day.  Even by using them you're destroying the enviorment so much: look at the reaction of burning methane: CH4+2O2=CO2+2H2O+energy

You can see that CO2 is being emitted and in order to stop that, there is no solution.  Even if anyone wants to make some fossil fuels they need millions of years; technology is trying to make it artificially, but does quality play a role? Yes it does, because the productivity of the fossil fuels made by a chemistry laboratory isn't really high enough quality.

So now imagine you have a glass of water,and you live near a ocean, and perhaps you can drink the water, but would you be able to drink the whole water at a period of time.  The answer is no.

So wind power, solar power, and water energy (potential water energy) are the keys for the future.Wind energy uses the power of the wind which makes a big fan rotate and it's connected to a big electomagnet which spins and produces electricity, solar power is a bit more difficult.  It uses the photovoltaic effect to produce electricity from the solar energy of the sun, which is able to produce a lot of energy per meter square.

Hope this helps for a little bit.