Please help me understand how to analyze the data I have collected through my questionnaires. I have prepated two questionaires one for customers and one for emplyees how can i analyse the data collected and write the findings

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In order to be able to give you really valuable feedback on this question, we would need to have a great deal more information about the study.  

I wonder if you are doing a study about customer satisfaction and customer perceptions of your business compared with those of employees.  If that is the case, what you would want to do is to take the responses that you got and compare those of the customers to those of the employees.  If your data can be made into numbers (if it's multiple choice, for example), you could run an ANOVA on each question to find out how whether there are significant differences between customer responses and those of employees.  You would then want to try to determine why there is a discrepancy in perceptions between the customers and the employees.

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