can you give the summary of poem the glove and the tigers by leigh hunt  

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I can only find a poem titled "The Glove and the Lions" by Leigh Hunt.  I hope this is the same poem. This is a fun poem. King Francis loved a good sport, and one of the sports he loved was to watch the lions fight each other in the stadium. One day, he looked around at the nobles and ladies of his court, and he noticed a lady that he really admired sitting with the Count de Lorge. It was a spectacular show The lions fought with teeth and paw, and they rolled on one another until blood came flying through the air.  King Francis said, "It is a good thing we are up here and not down there"

The lady that was with Count de Lorge heard the king.  She thought her Count was really brave, and he would do anything to show his love for her, so she dropped her glove into the arena with the lions.  She thought that her Count would retrieve it for her, and she would be greatly admired.

She dropped her glove, and then looked at the Count and smiled, basically asking him to go and get it.  He bowed to her and leaped into the arena with the wild lions.  It was quick.  He was down and back up in a flash.  But then he took the glove and threw it in the lady's face.  King Francis got up and said " Good job ---- she didn't do that for love, but because she wanted to be admired"  She lost everyone's respect.

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