Can you give a summary of the poem "The glove and the Lion" by Leigh Hunt?

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The first stanza of the poem sets the scene. It was considered "royal sport" at the time for nobles in King Francis's court to watch lions fight among themselves. Among the nobles sitting in the arena during the incident in questions is the Count de Lorge, and the beautiful lady who is the object of his desire.

The second stanza describes the violence and bloodshed involved in the sport. The lions "ramp and roar...with horrid, laughing jaws," and the carnage is such that one of the onlookers comments that it is a good thing that the noblemen and women are watching from their vantage point safely above, rather than being among the beasts below.

The focus in stanza three shifts to the lady of whom the Count is enamored. She is a mischievous girl, and entertains the idea that her lover, who is "brave as brave can be," would do anything to make her happy. Knowing this, and wanting to draw attention to herself, she throws her handkerchief down among the lions, knowing that the codes of chivalry dictate that he go and fetch it back for her, to show his devotion to her.

In stanza four, the Count, in a courtly manner, does indeed leap amidst the lions, and retrieves the glove, escaping unscathed. Instead of returning it to the lady with a gesture of love, however, he throws it in her face. King Francis, watching, praises the Count for his action; he has proven his bravery and chivalry, but the lady, by requiring him to do such a thing to please her, has shown no love in return. Ruled by vanity, the lady has shown herself to be unworthy of the Count's devotion, and has gotten what she deserved.

It is clear that the Count no longer wants to marry the lady. By asking him, for no other reason than to demonstrate her power over him, to risk his life to fetch her handkerchief, she has shown her true nature and her vain and unloving character.

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The poem Glove” by Leigh Hunt is a fun poem. King Francis loved a royal sport that was to watch the lion fight each other in the arena . One day, he looked around the nobles and ladies of his court, and he noticed a beautiful lady who admired sitting with the Count De Lorge. It was a spectacular show. The lions fought with teeth and paws, and they rolled on one another until blood came flying through the air. King Francis said, “ We are better here than there”. 
The lady who was with the Count De Lorge heard the King. She thought her Count was really brave and he would do anything to show his love for her. So, she dropped her glove into the arena with the lions. She thought the lover would bring the glove back to her and she would be admired. 

She dropped her glove and looked at the Count and smiled ,asking him to get it. He bowed to her and jumped into the arena. He was down and back very quickly. But then he threw the glove in the lady’s face. King Francis stood up and said that the lady did not do that for love but to show her pride. She then lost everyone’s respect. 

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the glove this poem is written by leigh hunt it is of 300words for more be a platinum user............................

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