Can you give three examples that show that Scout is kind-hearted in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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WALTER CUNNINGHAM JR.  Scout comes to regret beating up Walter in the school yard on her first day of school. After inadvertently insulting Walter after Jem invites him to lunch, Scout gets a good scolding from Calpurnia about how to treat a guest. Scout later wants to invite Walter over to play, to show that she knows how to treat company, but Aunt Alexandra refuses, calling Walter "trash."

THE TRIAL.  Recognizing that Dill has become ill during the testimony of Tom Robinson, she recognizes that getting him some fresh air is more important than watching the trial. She leads him outside under the shade of "the fattest live oak" and tries to console him, assuring Dill that Mr. Gilmer was only doing his job while questioning Tom. There they meet Dolphus Raymond, who offers kindness in both his words and his secret bottle hidden in the sack.

BOO RADLEY.  There is no better example of Scout's displaying kindness than when she takes Boo's arm and escorts him back to the Radley House after he has saved her life on Halloween night.

     "Mr. Arthur, bend your arm down here, like that. That's right, sir."
     I slipped my hand into the crook of his arm.

Her fantasy of sitting and talking with Boo fulfilled, she leads him up the steps of the Radley front porch and watches him go inside. Looking from the Radley porch upon her neighborhood, she regrets not having been a better neighbor to Boo. because

I never saw him again.



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