Can you give one major trait of Juliet for the beginning, middle and at the end of the play?thanks for your help...  

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  • Obedient- When we first meet Juliet, she is a shy, inexperienced child who dutifully follows her parents' wishes. in Act I, scene iii, she comes when called and asks "Madam, I am here, / What is your will?" She says that she has not thought about love, but will do so if her mother desires her to do so. She also agrees to go to the party and "test the waters", so to speak, with Paris. So, even though she feels she is young, and has no desire herself to marry, she is willing to do so if her parents' ask. This all changes, of course, when she meets Romeo.
  • Practical in Love-I wasn't quite sure how to word this one, but while Juliet is very much in love with Romeo, she is also very practical. She is concerned for his safety when he sneaks into her yard, and she is the one who invents the plan for marriage. She warns him to be careful, and is angry at the news of Tybalt's death: not just because Romeo killed him, but because Romeo was careless and jeopardized their love. even her choice to drink the Friar's poison could be considered practical-as in her mind, it was the only way for the two of them to be together.
  • Determined-While she is still practicing her practicality, she has one very clear goal at the end of the play: to be with Romeo at all costs. She refuses to marry Paris, she drinks the potion to fool everyone (even when she imagines terrifying results), and she rejects the nurse when her advice turns against Romeo. Finally, while she has the choice to leave the tomb with the Friar, she chooses to remain and end her life to be with her husband.
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