can you give me a thesis title about foods or related to foods

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The title of your thesis must tell the reader what your research paper is going to be all about. It should be a strong title which narrows down what is the most interesting issue you will be addressing. It should be challenging, not bland. The thesis statement will include the argument and direction of the paper. Depending on what your research actually is regarding food and health, these are some examples of how to write a thesis title. The impact of proper nutrition and diet on math scores in elementary school children. This thesis title shows the audience where you intend to take your research. You are trying to see if diet affects math scores. Your research can have half the group eating a nutritious breakfast everyday, while the other half of the group does not. This is a controlled experiment. You can then collect data and analyze it to come up with a conclusion regarding your hypothesis. Another thesis title--Effect of Whole Grain Foods on Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics. Or, High Energy Drinks and Their Effect on Behavior in Teenagers. All three of the examples tell the reader exactly where you are going with your research project related to foods and health. Good luck.