Please summarize Samuel Taylor Coleridge's review of The Monk.  

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge contributed a review of Matthew Lewis' novel, The Monk, to The Critical Review on the publication of the second edition of The Monk, claiming to have been motivated to review it by the success of the novel. Coleridge admires the dexterity of the plot and the device of the Wandering Jew; he also has praise for the degree of imagination present in the work and the characterization of Matilda. He is concerned that overuse of the supernatural impedes the ability of the novel to examine the moral nature of characters, and that horror and the grotesque is overused. he also condemns the characterization of Ambrosio. Coleridge objects to the use of superstition and also is concerned that this work will give a bad reputation to the Gothic as a whole and have a bad effect especially on younger readers.