Can you give me a summary of Chapter 3 of The Swiss Family Robinson? 

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In Chapter Three, the family successfully get themselves off the wreck of the ship and to the island.  

In Chapter Two, they had already spent the day making a raft with some large wooden tubs that they found on the ship.  When day dawns at the beginning of Chapter Three, they are ready to load it.

The father describes what sort of gear they took with them in the raft (food, an iron pot, tools, and sailcloth to make a tent).  They say a prayer, then load some of the poultry into the tubs.  

The father then lists which family member traveled in each tub, along with their ages and some defining characteristics.  This is the best run-down of the family members that we get in the whole book.

On the way from the ship to the island, the father and Fritz manage to snag two floating barrels of the provisions that have come from the ship.  They tie these to the back of their raft and tow them along.

The family approaches the coast in their raft, with the two dogs swimming along with them.  At first it appears rocky and inhospitable, but eventually they find a little bay created by a creek flowing down to the sea.  They land their raft, and everyone gets out safely.   They say a prayer to thank God for saving their lives and to ask for His help in the future. 

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