Can you give me some deep, good questions about the story "A Rose for Emily" for a class discussion?

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are few topics that I always touch on when having a discussion with my classes.

  1. Who is the narrator?  How do you know?
  2. What is the significance of the stream of consciousness narration style?
  3. Can you put the story into a logical chronological order?  Use the dates mentioned to discover Faulkner's time-line.
  4. What is the significance of Emily's relationship with her father in regards to what happens with Homer?
  5. What evidence is there of a generation gap in the town?
  6. What is the significance of the title?
  7. What is the logic of the five section division of the story?
  8. How do the five adjectives used to describe Miss Emily in part 4 relate to the five sections?
  9. What is the significance of the detail that the hair found on the pillow is long and iron gray?
  10. Discuss the theme of the Old South vs. the New South as represented my the people of Miss Emily's generation and the new generation.
  11. Why does the town feel that Homer is not suitable for Miss Emily?
  12. What do you understand of Toby?  Why does he stay?  Why does he leave?
  13. How is the story fit the Gothic tradition?
  14. What is the significance of the mention of Old Lady Wyatt and Miss Emily's cousins?
  15. Can you understand and/or justify Miss Emily's actions?

This story is rich in details and never fails to engage its reader.  You should have no problem having a great discussion!


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