Can you give me a short and clear definiton of metalingual, paradigm, phatic, and conative?

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metalingual--using one chunk of text to define or explain another; using a story to define a term; related to metalanguage, which is a language used to make statements about another language. For instance, Hamlet's "To be or not to be" speech is the metalanguage of despair.

paradigm--something that serves as a pattern or model; a mindset; in grammar, it is an example of a conjugation or a declension.

phatic--speech used to share feelings or to establish a mood of sociability. For instance, no one expects an answer to "How are you?" It is phatic speech, used only socially.

conative--pertaining to desire or will; the power or act that directs or impels someone to effort of any kind.

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metalingual - changing between 2 specific languages that may only be : (->) arabic, from english, or the other way around. i know this as my mother is a linguist. it is only, however, w/ those 2 languages.

this was a correction donated on my behalf, tho u shud use the other answer also becoz we may both be right, just in different subject and profession and differing sciences.

i dont no any of the others tho, so lets go w/ the other persons stuff.

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