Can you give me at least 3 biology project proposals that me and a partner can make? Thank you! no websites please.. just ideas.. at least 3

Expert Answers
lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would help to know what area you are talking about. You could do a basic plant experiment, having several plants of the same type, and subjecting them to different conditions (water, light, temperature). If you are looking at animal experiments, you would have to get the ethics cleared with your teacher, first, but you could do something about whether mice can learn a maze if they are rewarded with food, or what type of treat works best. If you have access to decent lab equipment, you could analyze different types of similar food items for content of some nutrient. Perhaps tomatoes for sugar content. You could check different plants' leaves for the number of chloroplasts.  Good luck!

draporter92 | Student

How about studying the development of mold and its decaying effect on some specimen like old fruit or some bread?

Another idea - isolating a communal insect like a bee or an ant and studying the effects of change of habitat

One more idea - removing a plant from sunlight as an example of what will happen when living things do not get radiation from the sun.  Give the plant everything else (water, nutrients in the soil, steady temperature, just omit the sunlight).