Can you give me five really unique quotes from the book, That was Then, This is Now?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are a few quotes from S. E. Hinton's That was Then, This is Now.

  • All of a sudden it seemed like I was a hundred years old, or thirty at least. I wondered if, when I got to be twenty, I would think how stupid I was at sixteen. -- Narration by Bryon (Foreword)
  • "Bryon," M&M said suddenly, "were you named after the lord?" "What?" I said, stunned. For a minute I thought he meant God. "Lord Bryon, were you named after him?" The poor kid had Byron and Bryon mixed up. -- An exchange between Bryon and his oddball friend, M&M (Chapter One).
  • "Brass knuckles, guns or whatever," Mark said... "you'll know you've been in a fight if you tangle with me." -- Mark's tough talk is aimed at Dirty Dave, who has a gun pointed at Mark and Bryon (Chapter Five).
  • I couldn't feel any anger, any jealousy, any anything except a half-hearted hope that they would hit it off together. -- Bryon, commenting about his former girlfriend Cathy, who was now dating Ponyboy Curtis, the main character and narrator of The Outsiders, who makes an appearance in this novel as well. (Chapter Eleven) 
  • I am too mixed up to really care. And to think, I used to be sure of things. Me, once I had all the answers. I wish I was a kid again, when I had all the answers. -- This is the final paragraph of the novel, spoken by the narrator, Bryon (Chapter Eleven).
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