Can you give me a example of allusion for Chapter 13?Is for a powerpoint project

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A few pages from the end of the chapter, the author makes an allusion to Ann Hutchinson, a real-life contemporary of the fictional Hester Prynne, who was tried for heresy and banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the mid-1600s for acting on her unorthodox religious beliefs.  Hawthorne says that if it were not for the influence of Pearl in her life, Hester "might have come down to us in history hand-in-hand with Ann Hutchinson, as the foundress of a religious sect".  Although she outwardly appeared to conform to the strictures of Puritan society, Hester's thoughts were unfettered by her isolation.  Her rebellious spirit might have led her to actions similar to those of Hutchinson, had her life not been consumed with nurturing her child. 

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