Please provide a character analysis of one of the characters in The Arabian Nights by Sir Richard Burton. 

The main character in The Arabian Nights, Scheherazade, is a classic trickster figure. Though legally powerless against the sultan, she gains leverage against him through the use of her intelligence in ways that save both herself and others like her. She is wise, courageous, and concerned about the fate of other people. She has a humanizing influence on the sultan, who eventually falls in love with her.

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Scheherazade in The Arabian Nights is both a classic trickster character and an exemplary heroic figure.

Educated, beautiful, compassionate, courageous, and highly intelligent, Scheherazade steps forward to volunteer to marry the sultan. This is a risky proposal, as the sultan, soured on women by an unfaithful wife, has adopted the practice of marrying a woman and then having her legally executed the next day.

Scheherazade hopes to save other women from this terrible fate through a plan she believes will save their lives and her own. Every day, she begins a story, but breaks off at the most suspenseful part. The sultan, wanting to hear the end of the story, delays her execution day by day.

Scheherazade is an example of the archetype of the trickster, a figure who is seemingly powerless against a mightier foe but who uses his or her wits to prevail in what seems a hopelessly one-sided situation. This is a figure that is prominent in folk literature around the world, popular among ordinary or...

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