Can you give me the best title for my research paper about birth control?Can you give me the best title for my research paper about birth control?

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The best title about your research paper should include something mentioning the most current information that you found in a generalized fashion. Some may include;

Current Trends in Birth Control

An Updated Look at Birth Control Techniques

Birth Control Trends in this Century

If you are researching a specific birth control method, include that in the title. Examples

Pharmaceutical Birth Control Methods

Drug Free Birth Control Methods

The Effectiveness of Birth Control in the 20th Century!

Keep you title brief yet informative!

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If you want something more catchy and less technical, what about a title based on the 1968 comedy film "Prudence and the Pill"? You could start your paper with a quote from the script, and then technically expound from there.

The title is of course a word play on the double meaning of the word 'prudence.'

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The best titles for your research paper about birth control may be as follows. 1.The types of birth control 2.How do you choose the best method for birth control? 3.Teens and birth control 4.Emergency contraception
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can you give me a nice title for my research. im a MPA student and i am presenly working in an LGU under sports council. i want a title that is relative to my work

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The "best topic" or even a "good topic" for a research/term paper does not exist in isolation from the person writing the paper and the course for which it is being written.

In response to post #s 1, 4 and 5, my suggestion to the persons responsible for these posts is that they can decide a good topic for their papers using the following consideration.

  1. What is theĀ  coverage of subjects for which the paper is being written?
  2. What topics provide a good scope for term paper within that subject. It might be enough to list about a dozen such topics, but if you like it, no harm in having a longer list?
  3. What topics from the above list interest you most?
  4. On what topics you can collect enough information for writing the paper?

I am sure using these considerations you will be able to identify a topic that is best for you.