Can you give me the best links to and ideas about my topic, health and safety?I'm writing a essay about Health and safety. My topic: "By having environmental claims made on the packaging or...

Can you give me the best links to and ideas about my topic, health and safety?

I'm writing a essay about Health and safety.

My topic: "By having environmental claims made on the packaging or advertisements of the products and services, consumers will be better informed to make their purchasing decisions."

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Why don't you begin by going to the web sites of various consumer protection agencies. For example, the Food and Drug Administration. You can also look at the FTC's Consumer Protection Agency web site here . Individual states also have agencies, such as California's
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It seems most high school students have difficulty researching "current" topics for high school research papers.  I'm not sure what your project/paper requirements entail exactly, but I would first of all encourage you to find journal articles that have been published within the last 10 - 20 years.  You need to avoid doing a "basic Google search" and using information you find on commercial websites, as much of this information is unverified and not considered "scholarly."

When you get to college and must write a research paper for your Freshman English class, you will have access to your college or university's online library database of academic and scholarly journal articles.  You will also be taught how to use the database properly.

That said, today there are a couple of online databases open to the public, for free.  The key to using them is knowing what key words to search.  If you are a member of your local public library, the first thing I encourage you to do is go and meet with one of the employees at the reference desk and ask if the library has access to an online database of journal articles.  (In my state, for example, one website is called NC Live.  Use requires a password which can be obtained here for free with a valid public library card.)

The other place to go is "Google Scholar."  This search engine will give you access to many publications on your topic, some will even have the "full text" version for you to read online.

As for what keywords to search, reading what appears to be your thesis statement, you might try starting with the following (separately): [packaging claims], [fair packaging and labeling act]; [consumer product saftety and labels], [federal trade commission title 16: commercial practices].

A word of warning with a keyword search, often it is a hit-or-miss venture until you start to find articles you think you can use.  Then, from potentially useful articles, draw out more keywords to further your search.  Good luck!

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most of the studenbt have the problem in reaching the essay to the best level. Health and saty is the best topic but the topic which you are selected is little complicated i think. in my opinion thje main tinbg that the student have to learn is to select the best essay ntopic for their work. You will get informatiuon from the google too.  i think it would be better to go for spome simpler topic than that otherwise you will be ib trouble .


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