Can you give me an example of a speech about fear please?

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There are many ways to construct a speech, no matter the subject. The easiest way is to consider it like a verbal essay that includes a thesis statement, main points, and supporting points with evidence.

In your introduction, give your audience a couple sentences on what fear means (both the usual dictionary meaning and what it means to you, perhaps). Choose what you want to say about fear. Some examples include how fear is necessary, how it is difficult to deal with, or how it is overcome. This will be your thesis statement.

Next, find three main points to hit in your speech. If you choose to say that fear is necessary, you might use the main points that it is necessary in three major aspects of life: in personal life, in professional life, and in the classroom. You may choose any three main points that make sense for you.

For each main point, use at least two supporting arguments to hammer the point home. For instance, you...

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