Can you give me an example of a sociological argument with the concept of the sociology of food? My topic is about a bakery store that is popular in our place. I can't think of a possible argument.  I will greatly appreciate your answers. Thank you. :)

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Without knowing the details of where you live, it is hard to give a specific argument about this bakery.  What you should be trying to do is to explain why it is (in sociological terms) that this bakery is popular.

What you might do is to look at the demographics of the neighborhood and of the people who frequent the bakery.  You might then try to create a sociological argument linking the two.  For example, you might argue that the bakery is popular because so many people in the area are young professionals who don't have families and like to go to the bakery for trendy types of baked goods.

The point is that you will need to try to connect the popularity of the bakery to some sort of sociological factor like class, race, or gender.

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