Can you give me an essay about George? also Lennie?essay about George!! and lennie

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While we editors at Enotes do not provide students with essays, we gladly assist with ideas and approaches.  Therefore, here are some ideas that can, perhaps, generate more ideas for you:

Since you have asked about both George and Lennie, it seems that you are possibly considering a character analysis.  Now, if you wish to do one essay on both of them, perhaps you may wish to write about the power of frienship in this novel.  Your thesis, then, can make a statement about the strength of friendship for overcoming the alienation and hostility and despair of being a lonely bindle stiff during the Great Depression. 

For, one of the themes of Steinbeck in his novella is the fraternity of men, a fraternity that provides men strength and hope.  With George and Lennie, it is their dream of owning a ranch with rabbits that keeps George and Lennie from despair, the despair that Crooks and old Candy feel until they are given the hope of joining in on this dream. 

See the links below for other interpretations and ideas that may well assist you. (There is an essay on George and Lennie that should help you quite a bit.) Good Luck!

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