What are at least 3 differences between monocots and dicots???????????????MONOCOTS AND DICOTS

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A monocot is one of two groups of Angiosperms or flowering plants and the other is called a dicot. In monocots, the seeds contain one cotyledon, the part of the seed which contains the endosperm, or nutrients for the developing embryo. Dicots, in contrast, contain two cotyledons or seed leaves. Another difference between them is that they vary in the numbers of parts in the flower. For example, in monocots, flowers parts number in threes, while in dicots, flower parts are found in fours or fives. A third difference is that vascular or conducting tissue is arranged in scattered bundles in the stems of monocots, and in dicots, they are arranged in concentric circles. There are many more differences between them, as shown in the link below. A common monocot seed is a corn kernel and a common dicot seed is a lima bean.

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