Can you give an example of a speech of acceptance for the award of "Most Outstanding Student of the Year"? short but with depth

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I assume from your question that you are receiving the "Most Outstanding Student of the Year" award and must give a short acceptance speech.  To be perfectly honest, no "example" could provide you with the best ideas.  My best advice is that you speak from your heart, keep it short, and make it personal.

Often, award acceptance speeches are times when the recipient has a moment to reflect on the achievement and thank the people who made it possible.  Here are a few ideas of things that would be perfectly appropriate to say (in addition to "thank you"):

  • How you did you feel when you heard you won, or how do you feel at the moment you are receiving the award?
  • What person or people were the most influential this year?  Who could you personally thank for helping your journey to receiving the award?  *If the list is long, pick one or two and tell briefly something specific they did for you.
  • What have you learned this year?
  • What are you most grateful for?

If you brainstormed answers to any or all of the above questions, you would have more than enough material for a speech.  The best speeches are those that are long enough to be genuine, but short enough to make an impact.  I would encourage you to aim for about a 3 minute speech.

I hope this helps.

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