The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

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Can you give an example of how human decency is or isn't displayed in H.G. Wells's The Time Machine?

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While the Eloi in The Time Machine are a beautiful race that the time traveler meets in the future, they are actually cruel in many ways and lack human decency. In order to live their lives of ease and relaxation, they rely on the unending exploitation of the Morlocks, the underground race that serves them. The Eloi appear to live in a utopia, but they are so unable to take care of themselves that they rely on the Morlocks. The time traveler also realizes that the Eloi are so ineffectual and weak that they are incapable of the sympathy and care that are the marks of human decency. He meets Weena when she is floating downstream in a current, and none of the Eloi seem to notice or care. He saves her, and, to his surprise, she shows him gratitude. While the Morlocks are carnivorous troglodytes bent on the destruction of the time traveler, the Eloi also lack human decency because they are so passive. 

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