Can you explain what the Greek Theory of Education and Socially Accepted Behavior explained by Sophocles, Plato and Aristotle?  Thanks!

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The primary function of education, according to the Greek philosophers on whom our modern civilization is built, is to educate the public citizen so that he (only males were considered citizens) could choose the proper decisions in moving the Greek civilization forward. The criteria were moral rather than logical in nature; that is, the three divisions of learning were rhetoric, grammar, and logic, all of which had good citizenry as their goal. Modern scholars have condensed these lessons into “the goal of creating a virtuous and morally good person.” Today, a teacher’s responsibility beyond organizing facts into taxonomies, etc., is to instill values and qualities of right/wrong judgments, cause/effect thinking, and “the golden rule,” all modern reflections of Greek ideals for an educated citizenry.


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