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Can you explain what destinctive features in English phonology are?

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This is a large and complex topic. Assuming you are a new student to phonetics/phonology, a skeleton view will give you an orientation. "Distinctive features" is a technical term meaning analysis of phonological characteristics that underlie phonetic elements of a given language. Phonemics are the sound pairings that create languages. For example, Xhosa has different phonemic parings e.g., /xh/) than English does. In Xhosa, lip pops, tongue clicks, and glottal clicks all comprise phonemes that have understood meaning, while in English, these clicks and pops are merely noises. The phonological features of articulation (i.e., realization of sounds) underlie the function of producing meaning in phonemic pairings.

Discussion of distinctive features of phonology directs attention to a specific analysis of the potential "matrix of features" of phonemes originally proposed by Jakobson, then furthered by Chomsky and Halle and others. Jakobson's distinctive features describes phonemes in terms of...

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