Can you explain Piggy's death?

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Ralph and Piggy have a meeting,they're furious that Jack stole Piggy's glasses which they needed to attract help through fire so Piggy wants them back and they decide to set out for Jack's camp with the conch where they have an argument with Jack about the glasses because Piggy calls Jack's followers childish savages and makes them angry - one, Roger, dislodges a huge boulder which hits Piggy and he falls off the cliff and dies.

I have included a link to Piggy's character for you below - in case you wanted to research his personality and death/murder in more than one hundred and ten words. Precis is a great skill to learn but you need to learn which elelments are relevant enough to keep in and which to leave out. For example I have omitted that Samneric were at Ralph's meeting to save characters!

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