In "The Good Deed", explain Mrs. Pan's statement, "All days are good when one performs a good deed."

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Specifically, Mrs. Pan is talking about the day Mr. Lim has suggested for the two to get together again to discuss the arrangements for a possible match between James Lim and Lili Yang.  She asks him, "What day is convenient for you?", and when he responds, "Shall we say Sunday?", she replies, "Why not?  All days are good, when one performs a good deed, and what is better than to arrange a marriage?"  Mrs. Pan means that Sunday is convenient for her too.

In a larger sense, Mrs. Pan's statement is referring to how the quality of life in general is improved "when one performs a good deed".  Since she has come to America, Mrs. Pan has spent her days sitting in the house, doing nothing, afraid to look out of the window and bewildered by behavior of even her own grandchildren.  She is isolated and unhappy; her days empty and long.  When she meets Lili Yang and determines to help her by arranging a marriage for her, Mrs. Pan finds purpose in life.  She feels useful, and she develops the confidence to first look out her window, and eventually to venture out of the house to the little shop across the street.  As Mrs. Pan's horizons widen, her life becomes full and meaningful.  With a renewed sense of herself, she spends her days planning and arranging, all because she has taken the risk to do "a good deed".

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