Discuss the imagery in "Everyday You Play" by Pablo Neruda.

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Imagery employed by a poet brings to the reader a sensory experience. Pablo Neruda’s “Every Day You Play” depends on his word images to explain the relationship that he describes.  Neruda was known for his great love affairs; in addition, he had three wives.  He never stayed too long in one place or with one person.

There are many images in the poem. We will pick out the main one in each stanza. The pictures that the poet paints describe an intense love affair:

1st stanza

The poet emphasizes the expression every day because he repeats it in the same stanza. Each day, he holds the head of his lover between his hands like a cluster of grapes. Apparently, he looks at the face of the woman he loves and holds her close to him.

2nd stanza

He wants to take his lover and lay her among yellow flowers that are strung like clusters. The poet sees her name written in smoke among the southern stars at night.

3rd stanza


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