Can you explain his journey, specifically, from place to place as he goes to New Spain?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hasekura the samurai traveled from his home in Edo, Japan at the request of Lord Ishida to Spain. The aim of his journey was to convince the government of Spain to conduct business with Dates district. Hasekura traveled to New Spain (Mexico), they first stopped at Cape Mendocino and arrive in Acapulco, New Spain (Mexico) where a number of Japanese citizens were baptized. They proceeded to cross the Atlantic into Europe in order to speak directly to the King and the Pope. They left Veracruz and changed ships in Cuba before proceeding to Europe. They met King Philip III in Madrid. Hasekura and his party later left for Rome, Italy to meet with the Pope. They learn afterwards that their voyage sanctioned by Lord Ishida was a ploy and Christians were being persecuted in Edo.

mhothur99 | Student

Hasekura tsunenaga went upon his 1613 embassy project to meet the Vatican in Rome, but ends up crossing through new Spain in his journey. He led the mission. The ship's first stop was cape Mendocino in modern day California. It arrived in acupalco, New Spain after a three month voyage in 1615.

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