In Things Fall Apart, can you explain exactly what titles are in the story?Simply can you summarize exactly what they are?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Okonkwo is greatly respected in his tribe. Okonkwo stands out as a great leader of the Ibo tribe. "Tribesmen respect Okonkwo for his many achievements." He first held the title of a great wrestler. He beat the seven year champion Amalinze the Cat:

Okonkwo is a man of great personal achievements. After he threw the great wrestler Amalinze the Cat, at the age of 18, his fame spread.

This action won Ekwefi's heart, the village beauty who became Okonkow's wife.

Another title that Okonkwo held was that of a great warrior. He had five skulls hanging from his belt. He drank palm-wine from the first skull to prove his bravery (chapter 2).

Okonkwo is depicted as a prosperous and warlike man.

Okonkwo was also a leader in the clan. He participated in governmental issues. He made judicial decisions for the village. Also, Okonkwo was a wealthy farmer, "a renowned warrior, and a hardworking member of the community." He had barns filled with yams. Likewise, Okonkwo had three wives and many children, thus making him a great man:

He has amassed two barns filled with yams, three wives, many children, and two titles.

Again, Okonkwo is a leader of the clan. He is great wrestler. He is a wealthy farmer. He has three wives and many children. He is considered one of the greatest of all the warriors. No doubt, Okonkwo is an over achiever:

Okonkwo is famous because of his “solid personal achievements.”