Can you explain the evolution of technology in America in recent history--from 1960 through 2000?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very difficult to explain the evolution of technology.  Technology is constantly evolving and has constantly evolved at a relatively rapid rate for at least the last hundred years.  Let us look, then, at a few factors that have caused evolution in technology in the time you are asking about.

  • The Cold War.  Competition with the Soviet Union helped lead to advances in technology.  For example,  the space race brought about new technologies that were later adapted to use in consumer goods.
  • Foreign economic competition.  These years saw a dramatic increase in economic globalization.  American companies came to have to compete with companies from around the world.  This pushed them to improve their technological capacities more quickly than they once had to.
  • Increased expectations on the part of consumers.  In these decades, the average American got more and more used to enjoying a level of technology much higher than had ever been experienced in American history.  This led American consumers to demand further breakthroughs in technology.  The drive to help fulfill this demand was another cause of the evolution of technology during this time.