Can you email flipcharts?  How do you share them with colleagues in your school?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Flip-charts are basically a set of sheet of papers containing different information to be used for giving presentation in a classroom, seminar, or some similar gathering. The charts are held together in a bunch and attached to a stand in such a way that, individual sheets can be turned over to display,one after another, information in all the charts.

The Power Point Presentation (PPT) is a computerized version of the flip-chart where the word 'slide' is used instead of 'chart'. These slides can be viewed on computer screen or can be projected on to a screen.

I am not sure what type of flip of flip-chart you are referring to. If it is in soft copy format, it can be e-mailed as an attachment. If you are referring to hard copy flip chart, you can convert them to soft copy format by scanning or photographing on a digital camera.

You can share all your presentation material in soft copy with your colleagues by placing the relevant files on the shared folder of your computer. Of course this requires that this requires that your computer as well as those of your colleagues is connected to a common local area network (LAN).

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