Can you draw a plot map for The Purloined Letter?

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By plot map, I assume you mean a plot sequence chart. I’m not sure that e-notes yet has the capabilities of using graphics in questions. Your chart, however, should have: exposition which are events explained rather than actually taking place in the story, conflict-the problem that drives the whole story, rising action which are events that take the reader’s interest and emotional intensity up to the climax which is the do or die moment. This is followed by elements of falling action which are events that take the emotional intensity down to the resolution or final solution to the conflict.

The following e-notes link should be helpful in your search.

sanchk17 | Student

If by plot map you mean a crisp summary that follows the events of the story as they unfold, then here you go:

- The narrator and Dupin are having a quiet evening in his parlor when they are joined by an agitated Prefect (Monsieur G), who is stuck with what seems to be an unsolvable mystery.

- Through the narrator, we glean the details of the mystery, which is basically the theft of the Queen's valuable letter by the politician Monsieur D.

- Dupin advisest he Prefect to conduct a thorough search once more, as he has only employed established scientific search methods and is working on the assumption that every mad hides valuable good in discrete and secret hiding places.

- When th Prefect is back to Dupin after a month with no success, Dupin enquires about the new reward for the one who has aquired the letter. He then asks the Prefect to write him a cheque while he produces the purloined letter.

- As the overjoyed prefect runs off to the Queen with the precious letter safe in his hands, Dupin reveals his search methods and how his deductive reasoning and capacity to think like the Minister D enabled him to procure the letter.

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