Can you supply me with trivia about the reproductive and respiratory system?  (not questions)

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I am not quite sure what you are asking for, however, I have listed some facts about the respiratory system and the reproductive system from which you could create a trivia game, or flash cards to study from.  I hope this helps.


The respiratory system is how we get oxygen into our bodies. 

We exhale carbon dioxide. 

The windpipe is called the trachea.

The part of the respiratory system that contains the vocal cords is the larynx. 

Centuries ago a deadly disease of the respiratory system was tuberculosis.

 A muscular membranous partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities and important in functioning respiration is the diaphragm.

The two main branches of the trachea, leading to the lungs is called bronchi. 

The Alveoli is a small wall sack in the lungs where the oxygen and carbon dioxide displacement takes place. 

Your lungs are made of two spongy organs, located in the chest and work with the heart to remove carbon dioxide from the body and provide the body with oxygen.

The reproduction system in mammals takes a male and a female.

The gestation period for a human baby is 9 months.

Males have sperm

Females have eggs.

Females ovulate once each month.

The uterus is a membrane like sack where the fetus develops.

The woman’s body creates milk in the breasts to nourish the baby after birth.



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why don't you look up has loads of power points and exercises in the biology section, I usually use it for my homework should also try it