Can you describe the multi-step process for linking academic instruction of student with severe disabilities with standards in general curriculum. 

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is a very difficult exercise for anyone who has no experience with multiple disabilities in the classroom.  However, you simply need to think about what you believe about inclusion.  First of all, do you believe disabled students should be included in a mainstream classroom and then explain why you believe in that concept.  What is your justification since disabled students require more effort on the part of the teacher and more money from the district to support that student.  My thoughts, as a mother of a student who has multiple disabilities, include the idea that first of all, it is the law.  Secondly, helping him learn helps him become independent rather than dependent on society.  Third, I believe that society is judged by how they treat the least among us.  As you think about your own position, I'm sure that you can come up with a fourth and even change some of mine.  My son is on the autism spectrum, has severe obsessive compulsive disorder, is very sensory defensive, and is ADHD.  He fits none of the profiles, none of the medications and is in the medical record books. He also has a very high IQ, is quite creative and is able to explain his difficulties to his boss.  In school, he required a full time paraprofessional at his side, was in school only half a day, and had a teacher home school him on what wasn't done in school.  Good luck with your answer as this is both dear to  my heart and important for you as a teacher as you WILL have disabled students.

cdeeneedham | Student

Develop a 2 page position paper on your views related to including students with multiple disabilities in regular classrooms.  Please provide at least 4 concrete statements in yhour position paper that are related to your views on inclusion and students with multiple disabilities and then justify each view.  Make a statement about inclusion and students with severe/multiple disabilities.  Then provide a justification for your statement.  Need at least 4 statements and 4 justifications please label each one.