Can you describe the main character in the story "The Lady or the Tiger?"?

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main character in "The Lady, or the Tiger?" is undoubtedly the princess.  While it is the king who establishes this form of justice and sentences the courtier to the justice of the arena, it is only because of the princess that we have this story.  She, too, is semi-barbaric and loves with that kind of love.  She is willing to flaunt her father's wishes--twice--both to have an affair with her lover and to find out the secret of the door.  To do that, which no one had ever done before, she demonstrated perseverance and persistence.  The key to the princess's character, though, is found in her indecision about the door.  For most of us, this would have been an easy choice--alive is always better than dead.  Instead, this is an agonizing decision.  She is as unwilling to have her lover marry someone else as she is to see him violently devoured by a tiger.  This indecision is the manifestation of her semibarbaric nature.  That she even thinks twice about this is most indicative of her character.

elalfy16283 | Student

the king is gently and genial

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