Can you describe Elizabethan Society?I would liked to know as much information about Elizabethan Society as I can, and also in means of power and control.

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The Elizabethan society/era is a time associated with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I from 1558 to 1603 who was the last ruler of the Tudor dynasty and considered to be England's best monarch. This time is also called the golden age.  This was the time of William Shakespeare the English playwright and poet. The arts were a very big part of the society at the time; poetry music and literature flourished during this time. It was the time of a exploration and expansion beyond Europe. It was also a time of plots  to kill the Queen by high officials in Spain and Rome who sought to replace the Protestant queen with the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots. The Queen was also considered the virgin queen because she never married.

The arts were important during this time because Elizabeth I loved the arts. Elaborate textiles were big during the time and found a place in architectual decoration and in tombs. Elizabeth I guided many painters of the time such as Nicholas Hilliard and Marcus Gheeraerts who created pieces that showed elegance, power, and wealth. The clothing of the time was significant, there was even a law that decided what colors and what type of clothing a person was allowed to wear (Statutes of Apparel). This law was enforced in June 1574, it was intended to maintain a social structure and to restrain the amount of money spent on clothing. Education was regardly highly during this time also. The governmet was ruled and headed by Elizabeth I.

Elizabethan society was very conservative becasue it was very much based on Christianity (Protestant and Catholic) but viewpoint could be different based on class status. The idea of marriage was different based on class; the wealthy still had arranged marriaiges while those who were less wealthy were less inclined to arrange marriages, allowing those in that class could date and make the decision of who to marry on their own. It was still inappropriate to have premarital sex.

Elizabethan society was economically well established during this time.

There is much more information  at the link that I will provide. I hope that helps.

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During the Elizabethan Period, you find a more peaceful England. Although society was still defined in terms of "class", with the monarchs rating at the top of the pyramid while the laborers were at the bottom, this period saw great growth for England. At the same time, this was England's Renaisance period, with poetry, theater and the arts flourishing.

Theater, although at one time being open only to the rich, was now accessible to the laborers. Although the rich sat in better seats, which commanded a higher price, similar to today's theater, the poor/laborers were allowed to purchase tickets priced for them. Many times these tickets were standing room areas, but the point being that they could now share in the theater.

The fact that England was prospering, allowed the poor a chance to become successful in business. In doing so, many laborers/poor got the opportunity to engage in businesses that brought them into another class.

With peace in religion, the Protestant reformation being accepted, and Parliament not feeling and/or wielding their strength, their was peace between them and the Monarchs. Overall, England's society benefitted greatly during this period.