Can you describe the difference between each character according to their social status?

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Boule de Suif is known to be a prostitute and is of higher social status, as demonstrated by the fact that she is well-fed (often described as round and fat), as well as the fact that she has snacks to share with the others on board. However, she is criticized...

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by the other passengers for being a prostitute, and they do not share their food with her as she did earlier. Monsieur Carré-Lamadon and Madame Carré-Lamadon are also of higher social status—we know this from the fact that Monsieur owns three cotton spinning mills, and Madame is wearing expensive furs. Comte Hubert de Bréville is also of high social status—he has fortunes that make over half a million francs annually, and he is also in politics, serving on the General Council. Monsieur Loiseau is also of higher social status, owning a local winery.

The Nuns appear to be of lower social status. The Old Nun has smallpox, which suggests that she is not able to receive adequate medical care. Additionally, the Puny Nun is described as very small and sickly-looking, like she has not had enough to eat.

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