Can you describe April's character in the beginning of "The Egypt Game"?Why does she try to show off toward Melanie in the beginning?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

April is a very unhappy, angry little girl at the beginning of the story.  She has been sent by "her beautiful and glamorous mother, to live with a grandmother she hardly knew".  April's mother is a vocalist in a band, and she has promised that April can come home when she has finished touring.  Even though she "is used to taking care of herself", April is righteously indignant and bitter that her mother has sent her away (Chapter 2). 

As Melanie so perceptively realizes, April shows off and puts on airs to hide her homesickness and hurt.  Also, as her grandmother observes, April has "been brought up all over everywhere and never had much of a chance to associate with other children".  From experience, April has learned that kids "hardly her", so she doesn't expect them to, and she just tries to shock them instead.  April is dressed outlandishly, with her hair upswept, a "big, yellowish-white fur thing around her shoulders", and ridiculously huge false eyelashes on her face when she first meets Melanie.  She talks about her mother as if she is a big Hollywood star, and emphasizes that she will only be at Casa Rosada for a short time, until her mother sends for her.  In reality, from years of being shuttled around, April has a sense that she is not very important in her mother's life, and she acts the way she does to hide the pain of her rejection (Chapter 3).