Compare and contrast the beliefs of Jesus and Rosh in "The Bronze Bow".

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rosh is a Zealot, which means that he wants to rid Israel of the Romans and establish once again a Jewish kingdom, as in the days of David and Solomon.  He will go to any means to achieve this, even to the extent of risking his life.

Jesus also wants to establish a kingdom, yet not a kingdom as Rosh envisions.  His kingdom is beyond mere distinctions of Jewish/Roman.  It is one of peace, not violence.  It is one of bringing all people together rather than, as Rosh would do, driving people out of this kingdom.  But like Rosh, he is willing to risk his life in the process.

eeta4 | Student

ROSH: wants others to follow him not as friends but as enemies towards
this case the Romans) , Daniel follows him b/c he rescued him and brought him
up as one of the gang for many years: also believes that the kingdom of Heaven
is a real kingdom that you can touch and go to and is located somewhere on the
JESUS: preaches a message of love and leads his followers out of example also he
wants others to follow him out of friendship, and compassion. Also he leads
through the power of the Spirit, reaching out in charity to touch men’s hearts
like he did Daniel’s: Jesus KNOWS that the kingdom of Heaven is not a kingdom
that you are able to touch but a kingdom in our hearts that we can choose to enter